Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System assures that our products always meet specification. Allied Metals guarantees chemical analyses with state-of-the-art optical omission spectrometers and Leco Determinators. We test for 23 elements, including nitrogen and oxygen. All materials are documented and traceability is always maintained.


These materials are used in the production of stainless and nickel based alloys, as well as vacuum melted super alloys. Allied Metals highest overall purity offers particularly low phosphorus and sulfur content. Certified heat chemistries provide analytical control in charge make up and traceability. Large heat sizes provide greater consistency and uniformity.

Exact chemistries are available to meet specific requirements. Our high-density billet form allows easy handling for charge assembly, excellent coupling, reduced melt time, reduced energy cost, and requires minimal storage space.

Form & Sizing: Billets
Packaging: Packaged according to individual requirements
Availability: All Regions

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