Electrolytic Iron Powder

Electrolytic Iron Powder (99.0% – 99.8% Iron) is produced through a complex electrochemical refining process ensuring uniform chemical composition and tight particle size distributions. Our Electrolytic Iron Powder can be used in a wide range of applications including ground-water &soil remediation (Electrolytic Zero Valent Iron Powder delivers enhanced reactivity), powder magnetic cores, high-purity chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, oxygen absorbers, paints/pigments, surface coating applications, additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, non-destructive testing, and more. Unlike many iron powders, the material we supply is not reprocessed and contains virtually no traces of oil, grease, or other detrimental compounds.

Form & Sizing: 100 – Mesh, 200 – Mesh, 300 – Mesh, 400 – Mesh, 500 – Mesh, Ultrafine (D50 of ≤ 10 Micron)
Annealing & Custom Sizing Available Upon Request
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Availability: The Americas, Europe

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