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ALLIEDPUREIRON® (~99.9% iron) is Allied Metals’ cost-effective solution for your most complex, high technology applications. It’s high maximum flux density, high permeability, and low coercivity make it an optimal choice for applications in the high-energy physics industry including material for electromagnets,superconducting magnets, permanent magnet assemblies, magnetic shielding in particle accelerators, medical equipment such as MRIs, and in the shielding of critical electronics from external magnetic interferences.

The material is also used in the construction of hot-dip galvanizing kettles and their equipment where high purity and low Al/Si contents allow for longer service life. It is also well-suited for soft metal gaskets in the petro-chemical/chemical industry, and in electrical components for power rails/third rails and earthing cables.

ALLIEDPUREIRON® can also be supplied in a powder form (99.0% – 99.8% Iron) for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, use in groundwater & soil remediation (Zero Valent Iron Powder), Powder Magnetic Cores, High-Purity Chemical Manufacturing, Food Fortification, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Oxygen Absorbers, Paints/Pigments, as well as for use in a wide variety of Surface Coating Applications.

Unlike most iron powders, the material we supply is not reprocessed and contains virtually no traces of oils, greases, or other detrimental compounds, instead, high purity iron goes through a complex electro-chemical refining process to remove impurities. For more information please see Electrolytic Iron Powder.

Custom dimensions are available upon request.

For European inquiries, please contact our business partner, Puron Metals.

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